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Buying property in Boston is always a serious decision. Whether purchasing a home or an investment property, the decision involves many difficult, technical and complex financial choices that needed to be understood and considered throughout the process. Buying Boston real estate may be the largest financial decision you ever make, and if you aren't sure how to go about it it can be extremely stressful. Boston Apartment Network is here to give you all the assistance and information you need to effectively purchase property in Boston. You can help guarantee that your Boston purchase is a success by following these important steps:

Step 1 - Consulting a Boston Real Estate Expert

When beginning the purchasing process, it is important to stay in touch with a Boston real estate agent to make sure that both you and the seller are always on the same page. A real estate agent found with Boston Apartment Network will work with you to turn your purchasing needs and goals into a reality.

Your Boston agent's work isn't simply to show you property in the Boston area. Your Boston agent will help you put together a financial purchasing plan, which considers your entire financial situation and how it relates to the typical mortgage process, which allows you and your agent to discuss how these factors will affect your purchase. Your Boston real estate agent will also use his connections to lenders in Boston to help you plan the best timeline for purchasing your new Boston property.

Your real estate agent is there to help make your purchasing dreams come true. You can begin the purchasing process today by browsing Boston properties through the database here!

Step 2 - Researching Your Potential Boston Purchase

Once you and your Boston real estate agent have reviewed your financial situation and made the decision to purchase property in Boston, you can begin the fun part: shopping for new property. This process isn't always quick and easy, and often times people look at many different Boston properties before deciding they've found the right one. Viewing multiple properties can be time consuming, but this commitment is essential to finding the right Boston property for you.

The best and most exciting way to find your perfect Boston property is to view several different potential properties at multiple showings. Your Boston real estate agent will help guide you through the viewing process, making sure you have all the information you need to make the right decision. While there is no definite timeline for how long it takes to find the right property for you, having an expert agent to get you all the information you need is the best resource you can have to help you find the perfect piece of Boston property.

Step 3 - Making an Offer and Closing the Deal

After you've decided on a property to purchase, your Boston real estate agent will work with you to put together a viable offer for your desired property based on a comparative market analysis. A comparative market analysis looks at similar properties that have recently been sold in Boston to help you create an effective purchase offer.

If not handled with care and attention, the terms of your Boston real estate purchase can have a negative effect on the overall value of your new property. There are many important factors to consider in your purchase, including: property inspection, your financing contingency, a review of condominium documents (if necessary), and completing a Purchase and Sale (P&S) agreement to finalize the transaction that is mutually beneficial to both buyer and seller. Once you and your Boston agent have completed this process and the offer has been executed by you and the seller (along with the submission of your deposit), the purchase offer on your new Boston property can be accepted.

After the offer has been accepted, you and the seller can (on average) expect to begin following through on any contingencies 10-14 before signing the P&S form. At the singing of the P&S form, you will submit another deposit on your new property to further bind the transaction. After signing the P&S, the usual time frame to close on your Boston property is between 14-45 days.

Note: During the purchasing process, you should always work with a Boston real estate attorney. They can be instrumental in guiding you through the technicalities of the paperwork and legal side of the purchasing process.

After Closing

After you've closed on your new Boston property, you should continue to use your Boston real estate agent as a contact for continued follow ups and communication as necessary. As a new property owner in Boston, having a strong relationship with a Boston real estate agent can be quite beneficial in terms of answering any questions you have, or recommending local services for things like electrical work, property management, construction and renovation, snow removal, and more. A close relationship between a new property owner and your Boston real estate agent will be an invaluable resource over the years.
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