Sales Pricing

Sales Pricing

Pricing your property is one of the most important steps in selling your Boston property. Undervaluing your property can lose you thousands of dollars, but overpricing your sale can make it difficult to find a buyer. 

The real estate experts found on Boston Apartment Network will help you determine the right price for your Boston property through a Comparative Market Analysis. In this analysis, your agent will analyze the current market and review the sales prices of properties similar to yours. After researching the sales value of similar properties, your agent will take the specifics of your property into account and determine an accurate pricing estimate for your Boston property. Pricing your property through a Comparative Market Analysis establishes the most realistically high value for the seller, as well as a price that will still attract potential buyers.

You must also take into account the fact that the sales price of your property will be competing with leasing options in the Boston area. Your Boston real estate agent will look at the financial options to decide whether selling or leasing your property is the best option for you. If the price determined by a Comparative Market Analysis is lower than you had hoped, your agent will show you other options, including leasing the property to get long term returns, postponing your sale until there is a change in the market, and exploring other cash flow options. 

It is always important to remember that the market in Boston changes constantly, and so it is natural for there to be some changes and fluctuations in the value of your Boston property. The agents found on this site understand the ups and downs of the Boston real estate market, and will use all available options to price your property for the highest value.

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